We Need to Work Toward Peace and Love

\"love_i2yvfrpu\"Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the start-up of two important groups in the community. One is an Ecumenical Christian Group of pastors who are meeting with city officials. We meet each month, strengthening our united voice on issues of concern, building relationships, eat lunch, strategize about ways to serve the community\’s citizens better, and importantly we pray together for each other and for the community. We have a powerful time together. We are ethnically diverse, denominationally diverse, male and female, conservative and liberal. We experience the glory of God among us as we seek out ways to share Christ\’s love among ourselves and in our community.

The second group is an Interfaith Group of Clergy. We have a rich group of clergy from as many religions as would join us to build bridges of peace and support for our local community. We desire \”to connect religious leaders in Hampton Roads for the common purpose of strengthening our diverse community, searching for a common ground through building bridges that connect humanity.\”

At this time, it is important that each of us work together for peace. You do not have to agree with me to get along with me. I do not need to like your ways to treat you with dignity. Humanity deserves respect. All of creation deserves respect.

Would you join me in this prayer? Dear Lord, please give me a heart to love and care for everyone, regardless of anything at all — not limited to race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or social status. Give me special grace for those whose ways and personalities I do not click with, those whom I disagree with, and for those who make sure they let me know that they don\’t care for my ways and ideas. May we learn to love the unlovable and to be gentle to the hostile. In Jesus\’ name, Amen


Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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