\”Someday\” is Today: Let\’s Live and Enjoy Life!

\"life\"We live in a fast paced society. But, the pace has become the norm such that we do not realize how fast we are moving. If we are not careful, one can abort one\’s own destiny by not taking the time to care for one\’s self. We need physical nourishment, spiritual vitality, mental care and community inclusion.

Science has proven over and over that, while we cannot determine our lifespan fully,  proper eating and exercise are essential to longevity. It is so easy, however, to just say, \”I am going to eat better someday\”  or \”I am going to get in that gym someday.\”

There is also scientific evidence that human beings need spiritual vitality. Therein lies hope. Life is full of ups and downs. We are not created to confront life on our own. Spiritual life is central to equipping us with the hope necessary for the joys as well as the vicissitudes of life.

Mental care includes healthy eating and spiritual vitality, but also it includes Sabbath rest for the mind.The mind simply cannot survive without rest. Mental overload is as much of a challenge as not knowing enough. Either case is dangerous because it is contrary to how we were created to function. There are 12 hours in a day and 12 hours in the night. Many of us do not get enough rest to function at our best. The lack of rest probably adds to the stress load rather than reduces it.

Lastly, we need other people and the rest of creation. Community includes other people but also the animals and the rest of the eco-system. Everyone was born out of community and for community. In an individualistic society, we lose sight on the full value of family and community. We simply cannot survive on our own. As the heavenly body must cooperate together to bring us day and night and all of the seasons that we enjoy, so much human beings work together with our eco-system to thrive.

Today is our day to embrace new habits of eating, exercising, spiritual practices, rest and communal enjoyments. We are only hear for a little while. Let\’s make the most of it and try to stick around as long as we can.

Worship God, enjoy life and live as long as God intends for you to live!

Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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