Harris Institute

The Harris Institute is named in honor of Dr. Antipas’ parents, who were both dedicated educators. His father, Pastor James L. Harris, served as a high school English teacher for 34 years before retiring. His mother, Dr. Carolyn J. Harris, is a preschool teacher who holds a Doctor of Education degree in K-12 education. Pastor James and Dr. Carolyn also founded Christian Way Academy, from 1984 until it closed in 2014 (30 years). Antipas is a proud graduate of the former Christian Way Academy.

The Harris Institute is a platform that provides opportunities for lifelong learning. The Institute facilitates colloquies, workshops, seminars, forums, courses, and education collaborations. We are concerned about ongoing training on topics that implicate faith and the public square. Some of them are faith and economics, the role of faith in society, faith, and public health, and more.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." Albert Einstein
The Oxford Colloquy is a weeklong session at the University of Oxford dedicated to addressing one of the most urgent and compelling questions of our time. 
Faith has undeniably held a prominent position in the public square throughout history. However, this position is currently facing unprecedented challenges. The emergence of diverse secular ideologies and the prevalence of religious nationalism have raised doubts about the influential role of faith in society. Reevaluating the significance of faith in the contemporary context is of utmost importance for posterity’s sake.
The Harris Institute welcomes scholars, bishops, pastors, leaders, and ministers from around the globe to engage in this transformative annual colloquy.

The Institute convenes resident delegates at the University of Oxford for next-level discourse, lectures, and networking. Oxford resident delegates receive a not-for-credit, frame-worthy resident delegate diploma for this high-level, life-long learning experience in Oxford.
Join the cohort from March 31 to April 5, 2025, at New College. New College is one of the oldest colleges–founded in 1379–at the University of Oxford.

The theme of the Oxford Colloquy is “The Role of Faith in the Public Square.” Amid a global context of secularism(s), religious pluralism, and racialized nationalism, it is apropos that Christian leaders convene to ponder questions relevant to Christian witness.

The 2025 Oxford Colloquy will ponder: “Does God care about a world of suffering?” If so, “What is God doing about it?”

Goals And Objectives

With the uptick of virtual learning, a short face-to-face time of theological exchange in the halls of one of the world’s oldest institutions is rewarding and highly valued by past delegates.

Each Resident Delegate will receive a frame-worthy diploma from the Harris Institute, acknowledging her or his participation in the Oxford Colloquy on the campus of New College at the University of Oxford.​

Application Guidelines
Each applicant must provide:
1. A 500-word essay explaining why she or he would like to enroll in the 2025 cohort for Harris Institute's Oxford Colloquy.
2. Submit your Curriculum Vitae.
3. Two reference letters from clergy or theologians.
4. Submit all documents to [email protected] within 30 days after paying a deposit.
5* The tuition is $3,000. The balance is due December 15, 2024.
Dr. Antipas L. Harris