The Harris Institute’s Oxford Colloquy is a weeklong gathering at the University of Oxford dedicated to addressing our time’s most urgent and compelling question: What is the future of faith in the public square? Faith has undeniably held a prominent position in the public square throughout history. However, the witness of faith is currently facing unprecedented challenges. Globally, amid the marketplace of religious pluralism, the emergence of diverse secularism(s), and the uprise of religious nationalism spar questions pertaining to the value of faith in society’s future. The pressing question is, how must Christians bear faithful witness for common good? Reevaluating the significance of faith in the contemporary context is of utmost importance for posterity’s sake.

Resident Delegates

The Harris Institute invites scholars, religious leaders, and ministers worldwide to participate in a transformative annual colloquy. The Institute convenes resident delegates at the University of Oxford for next-level discourse, lectures, and networking. The scholarly exchange and presentations will also provide delegates with insights to engage their colleagues and teams for more significant organizational and community impact.

The Experience

1. Wrestle with these challenges through presentations, lectures, and discussions to propose opportunities and frameworks for reevaluating their roles at the intersection of faith and the marketplace.

2. Room in Oxford’s on-campus housing and enjoy three-course dinners catered inside the famed Oxford dining halls.  

3. Enjoy discounted tours of Oxford sites and participate in delegate socials at local restaurants and pubs.

4. Participate in daily worship and devotional services.

5. Receive a frame-worthy lifelong learning, not-for-credit Resident Delegate diploma at the closing elegant candlelight gala. 

Goals & Objectives

1. Engage in intellectual discourse on topics related to the role of faith in the public square.

2. Network with influential Christian leaders and professionals across different occupations.

3. Build institutional connections with other churches, businesses, and nonprofits represented at the colloquy.

4. Discover new frameworks to address church, culture, community, and workplace challenges.


“The colloquy set against the academic aura of Oxford far exceeded my imagination for what I thought was in store. Convening at Oxford with other scholars of faith was an experience that will never leave me!”
~ Rev. Scott Hagan, PhD, Former President of North Central University

“Being in the room with some of the most brilliant theological minds of our times was surreal! I will never forget the experience. If the Harris Institute invites you to attend, I suggest you take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity.”
~ Rev. Willard G. Maxwell, EdD, Senior Pastor of New Beech Grove Baptist Church | Principal Broker at Maxwell Realty, LLC

“The enlightening discussions provided fresh opportunities to delve deeper into my faith and academics. I highly recommend this unique convergence of scholarship and spirituality for anyone looking to expand their understanding and connections.”
~ Dr. Robyn Wilkerson, Co-Pastor of Trinity Church | Founder of Peacemakers

“The Oxford Colloquy was easily one of my most transformative experiences. It was a spiritual and intellectual experience in an awesome yet intimate setting. We learned, laughed, and broke bread.”
~ Jessie Saintcyr, Esq, Principal and Owner of Saintcyr Consulting, LLC

“The Harris Institute has given the church and the world it occupies a great gift. The 2024 Oxford Colloquy was a unique and extraordinarily productive exchange of hearts, minds, and even souls. Rarely does such a convening foster the kind of professional, intellectual, and even spiritual fruitfulness that this one did. We were all enriched by it. Bravo, Dr. Antipas Harris, Bishop Van Gayton, and all who made this historic undertaking possible and who will make future colloquies just as successful!”
~ Rob Schenck, DMin, Visiting Scholar at Hebrew College

“At the Oxford Colloquy, ideas are as brilliant as the university’s architecture. There are few places where real-world problems meet public intellectuals and practicing executives incubating theologically calibrated solutions for human flourishing.”
~ Jamé Bolds, PhD (Cand.),
CEO, Pathmakers Foundation

“The Harris Institute’s Oxford Colloquy was an awe-inspiring experience. Various highly acclaimed speakers masterfully addressed complex topics—simply amazing!”
~ Rev. Stefanie Joyce, MDiv, Former US Army Chaplain

“Truly life-changing! This opportunity stretched me. It created an environment for enriching, spirited conversations.”
~ Rev. Sylvelt M. Walker, EdS, EdD (Cand.), Founding President of Golgotha Ministries

“The colloquy is a safe space for timely conversations concerning the role and witness of Christianity in public spaces, such as technology, health care, education, economics, social justice, entertainment, and so much more.
~ Meloney C. Jordan, MBA, MA, PhD, President of Black Sanctuary

The Harris Institute's
Oxford Colloquy
March 31-April 6, 2025
New College, the University of Oxford

Application Guidelines

Each applicant must provide:

1. A Statement of Interest explaining why you would like to enroll in the 2025 cohort for Harris Institute’s Oxford Colloquy. The Statement of Interest must demonstrate a) a desire to participate in rigorous conversations on crucial scholarship to advance faith in public life, b) an application on how these conversations, developing frameworks and networking will be applied to your own area of profession.

2. Submit your latest Curriculum Vitae or Resumé.

3. Submit one recommendation letter from a leader, clergy, or theologian.

* Submit all documents to [email protected] within 30 days of submitting the deposit.

Tuition Cost

* The tuition is $3,000. It includes all colloquy sessions, room, and board, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, the wine social, the closing gala, and the Harris Insitute Resident Delegate diploma ceremony. 


* A deposit of $500 is due by September 15, 2024 and is non-refundable.

* The tuition balance ($500 deposit + $2,500 balance) must be paid by December 15, 2024.

Returning Delegates

* Returning delegates need only submit the Statement of Interest, an updated C.V., and deposit and do not need to submit a recommendation letter.

Harris Institute’s Oxford Colloquy Faculty 2025

Anthony G. Reddie, PhD, Professor at the University of Oxford

Rev. Alishia Lola Jones, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Cambridge

Selina Stone, PhD, Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh

Rev. Rob Schenck, DMin, Visiting Scholar at Hebrew College

Bishop Van Gayton, DMin, ThD, Senior Fellow at the Harris Institute

Antipas L. Harris, DMin, PhD, President at the Harris Institute