Harris Institute

The Harris Institute is named in honor of Dr. Antipas’ parents, who were both dedicated educators. His father, Pastor James L. Harris, served as a high school English teacher for 34 years before retiring. His mother, Dr. Carolyn J. Harris, is a preschool teacher who holds a Doctor of Education degree in K-12 education. Pastor James and Dr. Carolyn also founded Christian Way Academy, from 1984 until it closed in 2014 (30 years). Antipas is a proud graduate of the former Christian Way Academy.

The Harris Institute is dedicated to creating the finest lifelong learning opportunities to enhance faith and human flourishing. We facilitate colloquies, workshops, seminars, forums, courses, and education collaborations. We are concerned about ongoing training on topics that involve faith and the public square. Some of them are faith and economics, the role of faith in society, faith and public health, and more. Financially support our global missions below. Also, consider joining us at the University of Oxford for the Harris Institute’s Oxford Colloquy. Click here to learn more.

Pastor James & Dr. Carolyn Harris

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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." Albert Einstein
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