We must condemn all hate and violence… Orlando on our hearts….

My heart is heavy (with yours) at the news from Orlando, Florida, about what CNN calls \”the deadliest mass shooting in US history.\” What a horrible heinous act of violence that struck the nation again early Sunday morning! May the families of the deceased and the badly injured victims be comforted and healed in this very difficult time for them (and us).

Society hangs in the balance. We will self-destruct unless we fully submit to God\’s love. His love is stronger than hate, bigotry, and all other forms of evil. Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of God\’s love. I remain convinced that we can overcome evil through Christ.

Sunday, I was in Manchester, Georgia, preaching, as a tag-team experience with my brother Norman, for my home church\’s Pentecost Service. I talked about the promise, power and purpose of Pentecost. I will not re-preach the sermon here. But, I want to encourage you with this short overview.

  1. God is a God of promises. He promised to send a Comforter, the Holy Spirit. And, God did!
    Let us receive the promise of God; we need the comfort of the Holy Spirit in times like these.
  2. The power of the Holy Spirit (in part) is to replace our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh.
    The pangs of disappointments, experience of oppression, and victimization of hate can form calluses around our hearts, hardening our hearts. But, the power of the Holy Spirit will bring healing and shalom (a holistic peace) that overwhelms us in unexplainable ways.
  3. The purpose of the Holy Spirit (in part) is to manifest the fullness of Christ in us.
    Let us receive the love of Jesus. His love overcomes hate and empowers us to love, even those who are difficult to love on our own.

I am sure that you agree that in times like these, we need God. Let\’s turn to God and seek His face with all out hearts.

Also, let us find ways to build bridges with others who we do not agree with; bridge building will enable us to extend Christ\’s love to them. Jesus loves everyone, even those we may not agree with.

Because of Jesus\’ love,
Dr. Antipas

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