The Lord will make a way….

How is your soul?
A troubled soul is one that can\’t find rest, even when the body is resting. Worry captures the soul and wearies the body over time. 
If you\’re like me, you like to know the end from the beginning. It is true that we should begin any journey with the end in mind. But, we can\’t always know the journey\’s details.
Sometimes, we have to just walk our faith, not seeing the details.
This week, remind your soul of no need to worry; just depend on Jesus!
In the the 1930s, Dr. Thomas A Dorsey (father of modern Gospel Music), wrote a song, \”The Lord will make a way somehow.\” 

Let\’s meditate on the following verse: 

Like a ship that\’s tossed and driven, battered by an angry sea 

When the storms of life are raging, and their fury falls on me 

I wonder what I have done, that makes this race so hard to run 

Then I say to my soul, \”Take courage, the Lord will make a way somehow.

I believe that the Lord will work a work in your life that you can\’t even imagine.
Believe God for it; expect it; walk in it — even when you can\’t see the details!
Grace and peace,
Dr. Antipas
Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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