Let\’s Do More to Help the Youth!


Our nation is in a crisis as we continue to see far too many killings and other crimes. I am very sorry about this reality.

Frankly, something just does not seem just! I am deeply troubled that our justice system sometimes does not seem strong enough to protect and to support the citizens. My resolve is that we really do need divine help, and we need everyone\’s proactive participation to assist in making positive change for common good.

I understand that police have a very tough job as they work hard to keep our communities safe. We need police. At the same time, as police are human beings with certain personal pressures and ideas, I hope that we can find ways to better train, as well as support, police officers to do their jobs even better and for our good.

Let us pray and fight to strengthen our communities and not to tear them apart. Too many of the crimes in our communities are either perpetrated by young people or inflicted upon young people.

Fighting for justice as a reaction to crimes is certainly a way to emphasize the need to value human rights and even to insure in all cases that the \”bad guy\” is held accountable. We must take seriously the responsibility to hold perpetrators accountable to their crimes to humanity. At the same time, the best way to treat the mores of our society is in a proactive way. 

Anger is understandable and retribution seems to be justifiable justice. Yet, a more productive way forward is to seek those principles that foster the greater good. It has been proven that faith and education are virtues that usher the greatest common good. Can we count on you to join us to get the message out that justice involves intentional efforts to strengthen faith and education in our communities?

Like many others, with recent high profile killing of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, by a police officer in Ferguson, MO, I have been thinking a lot about what we can do to strengthen our communities with intense focus on young people. The officer was not indicted. It seems so unfair.

Yet, we mourn Brown\’s death and so many others who all-too-often perish far too soon. We must work harder to do more to help our young people to become all that they are created to become.

Parents and the community-at-large must become more vested in helping to close the achievement gaps of our youth for posterity\’s sake. In so doing, we advance the depth of justice beyond retribution to make the future of our communities better.

Let\’s encourage our youth and do what we can to help them.  

Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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