\’Between A Rock And A Hard Place\’

\"MosesHave you ever felt that you are \”between a rock and a hard place\” – pressure behind you and impossibility before you? This probably describes the situation of Israel in Exodus 14:1–16.
Israel had already left Egypt but had not made it to their destination, yet. They were met with a severe crisis. Pharaoh\’s army was behind them and the Red Sea was in front of them.
What do you do when you feel under pressure while doing what you know God has led you to do; at the same time, you do not know what to do next?
1. Hold on the God of your knowing. In other words, what has God done for you in the past? Remember and hold on to that testimony in this crisis. If God came through then, believe that He will come through again.
2. Believe that God will come through, though God seems silent in the moment. The process may be long. But, keep believing what God has already said about the situation.
3. Consider your talents as God\’s means of provision. God will use your gifts to work your next miracle.
4. Lift your gifts and your hands up to the Lord. Though God will work through you, it is the Lord\’s doing. To God be the glory!
5. God often comes through at the moment of your limitation. Just don\’t go backward.Move forward!
Pray this prayer from Christian matriarch Harriet Tubman, \”Lord, I\’m going to hold steady on to You and You\’ve got to see me through.\”
Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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