We Need Discernment| based on forthcoming book, Unstoppable Success

Discernment is absolutely necessary at all times, particularly when it comes to connections. It is true that connections can get us what we cannot buy. It is true that people who “make it big” get there because of so many other people. It is true that all successful people stand on the shoulders of other people. But, also, it is true that connecting with the wrong people could be our greatest pitfall. Connecting with the wrong people could be the worst decision we could ever make. This principle proves crucial for friendships, marriages, business partners, employees, social gatherings, study partners, and the list goes on. Proverbs 15:14a states, “The discerning heart seeks knowledge” (NIV). So, we must do our due diligence in every potential relationship.

We need discernment in every area of our lives. Frankly, no one can teach absolute discernment. Many times, as with most wisdom, it comes through experience, trial and error. But, we can only hope that we learn more from other people’s mistakes than our own. Observing others, listening to them as they tell their stories, and taking note of our own small mishaps can help to strengthen our own propensity for discernment.

Discernment is an inner knowing that is sharpened through constant relationship with the Lord. That relationship with the Lord is two-fold. The first is through prayer and fasting. The other is the through the community of faith. Both the personal and the communal process of discernment are crucial in decision-making. I like to encourage people not to make a decision without praying and without seeking the counsel of a discernment support team. The discernment support team needs to be a group of people with your best interest at heart. But even more importantly, they must be praying people, seeking the heart of God on their own behalf and on your behalf.

While God gives grace for new opportunities, life is short and success is too precious to make too many unwise and poor connections. We absolutely need to make the right connections. Connections for success are like electrical connections in a house. If there is a bad connection, the electricity cannot flow through and all of the electric appliances are negatively affected. But, when there is a good connection, electricity flows through and every thing that is connected to the electrical flow works properly. In a similar manner, wise connections have dynamic impact on success. They position us for opportunities to catapult us toward all that God has for us. I would invite you to pray the following prayer with me:


Lord, I need Your help. I can\’t do it on my own. Please send Your kind of help in Your time. Send Your connections to position me for what You want me to do.

Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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