Press Release: Unstoppable Success Officially Releases September 2nd, 2014

University Professor Releases Book to Show Urban Young Professionals How to Pursue Unstoppable Success!

September 2nd 2014 Book Release

Antipas L. Harris – practical theologian, motivational speaker, minister, and professor at Regent University is helping urban young professionals to discover ways to flourish in their boundless potential.

This is more than a book release. Harris calls it a campaign to help others to become successful. As such, he is inviting partners to participate in the #TeamUnstoppable Campaign. Purchasing up to 100 books at a discounted rate – one for you and the rest to donate to Homeless Shelters and Orphanages. Antipas L. Harris desires to see aspirant young people, including those who are in distressful situations, to overcome challenges, work through crises and to flourish.

Everybody wants to find success. More and more people are flooding the cities of the world to find it. The United Nations report that “the world urban population is expected to increase by 84% by 2050, from 3.4 billion in 2009 to 6.3 billion in 2050.” So many people; so many challenges; where is true success?

Harris explains that true success is possible in the city and belongs to everyone. It is within. He shows how to discover one’s own boundless potential. Drawing upon his life story, wisdom that was passed on to him from his parents and others, He creatively weaves theology with practical biblical teachings to show seven essential values for sustainable success: faith, vision, persistence, humility, education, connections, and integrity.

Key leaders in education, entertainment and ministry are giving the book thumbs up:

“…Prepare to be inspired by [Antipas’] life and his writing that you, too, might become an ‘Unstoppable’ force for good in the world.” 

–F. Stuart Gulley, Past President, LaGrange College; President, Woodward Academy

“You can have skills; but, when you have character, you have greatness. Antipas teases out both the meaning of success and offers key principles to help you get there….”

 –Michael E. Mathis, 3–time Grammy Award Winning Producer & Musician; Jamdo Jamdo Music

\”Antipas Harris empowers us to reconcile the optics of faith with the metrics of success in a manner that goes beyond impacting, it changes lives!\”

–Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, NHCLC;  Hispanic Evangelical Association 

Antipas L. Harris was compelled to write this book after inspiring thousands of urban young professionals in classes, seminars, Bible-studies, and crusades throughout the United States, Germany, Haiti, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in homeless shelters, orphanages, high schools, colleges and universities. The principles in his book Unstoppable Success are biblically based but also are very personal to him. Learn more about Antipas L. Harris at

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