Let the main thing ….

I want to encourage you to let the important stuff in life remain the important stuff. People are far more important than money and things. This is a simple principle, yet an important one. 
When we take our eyes off of helping, supporting, encouraging, and affirming others, we create a self-centered world. Whether we are mothers or fathers, sisters or brothers, ministers, pastors, educators, politicians, business owners or service providers, we must not allow ourselves to be so focused on making money, building houses, building businesses, building churches or building a brand that we fail to care about others.
A heart that cares must return to the center of our universe. Working, raising money, building buildings, branding, and other things must be supporting details for the important stuff – helping other people.

David Whittley wrote the song, 

If I can help somebody, as I travel along;

If I can help somebody, with a word or song;

If I can help somebody, from doing wrong;

No, my living shall not be in vain,

No, my living shall not be in vain,

No, my living shall not be in vain;

If I can help somebody, as I\’m singing the song,

You know, my living shall not be in vain.

 At the end of the day, our vision must be about helping others. People need people more than anything else in the world – subordinate to our ultimate need for God. Let\’s focus on building others up rather than tearing them down.
In a world of hustle, let our hustle be a constant and relentless effort to serve as many people as we can with the time that we have. As Stephen Covey puts it, \”The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
Have a great week!
Grace & peace, 
Dr. Antipas
Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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