Keep It Moving! | Excerpt from \”Unstoppable Success\”


\"BeStrongTrustGod_editablecolors\"Sometimes the very people who will benefit the most from our vision are the ones who can’t see what we see. Often they discourage us from stepping out there. The may even become skeptics more than supporters. When skeptics are people who we depend on for moral support or resources, their cynicism often discourages us. I have learned that visionaries must find within themselves the will to keep it moving in the face of naysayers and doubters.

The old adage says, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” What makes the United States such a great nation (among other things) is the fundamental courage to try again and again. Keep going, even when it does not work out quite the way that we thought. Learn from mistakes and keep it moving! Often when God is doing something in and through us, others might not get it. But we must not stop. We must keep moving forward in the vision. In time, they will see.

Then, there are those who may not materially benefit from our vision because the outcome of the vision’s fulfillment is not materialistic. The benefit of a vision may be didactical, inspirational, or a spiritual blessing. Yet, again, perhaps the vision has a dynamic benefit with elements of all of the above. However, sometimes, benefits are not immediately discernible, particularly in the eyes of those who do not see what we see and know what we know. After all, the vision is our vision and not other people’s vision — even when others are to become beneficiaries of our vision.

While Jesus was on the cross, He was moved with compassion for the people who did not understand God’s vision for humanity’s redemption, including the ones who were consenting to His gruesome death on the cross. Knowing that they just didn’t get it, yet, Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (paraphrase of Luke 23:34a).

In other words, this is for them. However, they could not see it at the time. Jesus saw beyond the moment and knew the benefit for them. They didn’t. So, Jesus’ response to his interlocutors was simply to forgive them and just kept it moving! Soon, the world’s eyes were open to see. He was more than just a man. He was a God-man on a mission!

Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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