Conviction ignites….

Once, I spoke on the power of conviction (See below). We live in a world that seems to sway from one extreme to another, based on trends and status quo. Given the multitude of religious and social challenges we face, we need to become more than mere \”go-alongs.\” The universe demands that we refrain from \”going along with\” whatever society offers. 
We must stand up with conviction about justice and righteousness. When we are convicted, we don\’t merely react when injustice and unrighteousness takes a blow at a social nerve (i.e., shootings, elections, etc.). Rather, conviction ignites passion that continues the fight when catastrophic moments have subsided. 
Advancement happens when a few people take up a cause and champion the cause with conviction and passion for a better way and a better day. 
Truth is the sum total of a God-kind of justice and righteousness; it\’s not an isolated interpretation of what\’s good and right.
Truth is universal; it\’s sound. Responsible research does not contradict God\’s truth; it testifies to it. 
Indeed, truth is worth hanging our hats on!
Conviction drives passionate pursuit of truth\’s justice and righteousness. When such conviction is grounded in God\’s Word, it will survive the test of time and achieve its goal. 
An early 20th century adage states, \”If you don\’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.\” 
May our hearts be filled with Christ-like conviction. May we grow in the passion for God that overcomes insecurity, complacency, and acquiescence. 
Society and our world needs to experience God-ordained wholeness in a terribly fractured world. 

Grace & peace,
Dr. Antipas
Dr. Antipas L. Harris
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