As a scholar, Dr. Antipas is always writing. This blogsite is an informal way he gets ideas out there to let people know what he’s thinking. He thinks broadly and writes on many different topics. The core is his concern about the role of faith in relation to all of life, including how Christians should be thinking about this or that. Enjoy the musings!

“Elements of True Success:” Excerpt from My book,

Recently, I was sitting at the gate in the Tampa, Florida airport waiting to board a flight to Norfolk. I looked to my right and

From Chapter 1 of Unstoppable Success: My forthcoming

Twentieth century American writer Robert Frost uses “journey” as a metaphor about life. Two of his poems have stuck in my head since High School

We Need the Holy Spirit

We need the Holy Spirit to give us a new identity in Christ. Our names and heritages may or may not be something that we

Welcome to my blog

This blog site is where I share matters related to society, the church, and the academy. I hope my thoughts are meaningful to you. Theology

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