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Antipas L. Harris

Dr. Antipas L. Harris holds a dual appointment as president-dean of Jakes Divinity School (JDS) and associate pastor at The Potter’s House (TPH), both located in Dallas, Texas. A brilliant thinker and prolific writer, Harris is advancing the vision of Bishop and Chancellor T.D. Jakes, founder of the fully-accredited, online seminary.  Responding to the growing need for cutting-edge ecclesial leadership that transcends denominational lines, Harris’ mandate is to prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow’s Church.

Antipas' Publications

Book cover of Antipas Harris New Book. Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?

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Every audience is different and Dr. Antipas’ goal is to educate, engage, and empower audiences – helping them gain deeper insight, develop tools for growth, and to spiritually energized them to rise to their life's calling.

Dr. Antipas is available to speak on the following topics: