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March 23, 2015
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Workplace & Sexual Harassment

Is Your Organization Protected?

This is a seminar is for business executives and church leaders on legal mitigation to prevent and/ or to reduce legal risks as pertaining to sexual harassment allegations.


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Sexual Harassment LawFirms.Com reports that Louis Harris and Associates’ research reveals these staggering statistics: 31% of the female workers claimed to have been harassed at work. 7% of the male workers claimed to have been harassed at work. 62% of targets took no action. According to legal research, anywhere between 40-70% of women and 10-20% of men have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Any strong administration thinks ahead to do everything in their power to project their employees and the company interests from immoral intrusions. It is critical for any organization to take seriously the legal ramifications of sexual harassment on both the employee and the company. There are key forms of sexual harassment that are analyzed in both federal and state court. This seminar will discuss each legal form of sexual harassment and provide wise, legal guidance on ways to manage the legal risks of sexual harassment allegations in the workplace.

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