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Creating Unity in the Community: Creating Unity in Our Community Launches Program to Honor Efforts That Promote Cooperation, Harmony and Peace Among Racial and Ethnic Groups


Creating Unity in Our Community Launches Program to Honor Efforts That Promote Cooperation, Harmony and Peace Among Racial and Ethnic Groups

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia — A newly formed coalition of community leaders has planned its first awards event to honor leadership in key areas of community life. Creating Unity in Our Community (CUOC) is a national movement of transformational leaders that promotes cooperation, harmony and peace by building trust in relationships, removing constraints, resolving conflicts and empowering people across racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups in every city across the United States of America. CUOC will kick off its activities with the 1st Annual MLK “Lead Like King” Leadership Awards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday January 16, 2017. The event will also feature an overview of Transformational Leadership On Demand (TL On Demand), an online training platform that equips individuals with vital leadership skills and techniques.

The awards ceremony and training overview will be held at New Life Church, located at 1244 Thompkins Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. There is no admission charge.

“We will come together to honor seven Hampton Roads leaders in church, family, government, education, business, media and entertainment,” said Dr. Antipas Harris, co-founder and a national team leader for CUOC. “Our aim is to celebrate the achievements of key leaders in the Hampton Roads community who have worked to advance the cause of racial unity across seven areas of community life. Presenting these awards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day connects the event with a national day of remembrance when all Americans acknowledge the importance of racial reconciliation, especially in light of the violence and turmoil we’ve experienced during the last year. There’s a leadership crisis in America. Now is the time to build and strengthen trusting relationships … before tragedy occurs rather than after.”

“I envision the “Lead Like King” Awards as a way to recognize transformational leaders in our community who epitomize Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to living a life dedicated to serving and loving others and realizing his dream to one day see unity among leaders who are pursuing social change, not just serving their own interests,” said Tom Stansbury, co-founder and national team leader for CUOC. “We hope to see the awards ceremony replicated in 50 cities in 2018, commemorating 50 years of Dr. King’s legacy and recognizing transformational leadership in individuals from every sector of society who “Lead Like King.”

“We are all leaders at some level in our lives,” said TL On Demand founder and developer Ford Taylor. “TL On Demand provides the practical tools, ingredients and behaviors for individuals to have a positive impact in every sphere in which they have influence and to become the leader they aspire to be.”

Creating Unity in Our Community will facilitate leadership training through the TL On Demand platform for individuals who wish to become transformational leaders. TL On Demand participants will be encouraged to form local support and strategy groups that will launch initiatives in their sphere of influence in order to create and strengthen racial, ethnic and socio-economic unity in their community.

Creating Unity in Our Community National Leadership Team: Mr. Ford Taylor, Mr. Tom Stansbury, Dr. Antipas Harris, Dr. Perry L. Austin, Ms. Debbie Farah, Dr. Joseph Umidi, Mr. Mark Fulton, Mr. Taylor Youmans

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