What they Say....

“Dr. Antipas Harris is a scholar and modern-day theologian who is not only academically trained, but a gifted orator and as much a student of the word as he is a teacher. Dr. Harris is truly a young man far beyond his years in that he exudes wisdom and genuine love for the word of God and God's people. He has ministered at both our local church and also our conferences. His ability to exegete the text and not leave a stone unturned in his delivery is astounding. His passion for the purpose and call of his life is evident and his steps are being ordered by the Lord.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes, C.E.O. TDJ Enterprises; New York Times Best-selling Author

“Dr. Antipas Harris is one of the most anointed, articulate and catalytic leaders in the church today. Brilliant and profound, Antipas reconciles the prophetic and the practical with excellence. He is a Joshua for this generation.”

Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez President NHCLC/CONELA Hispanic Evangelical Association

“Dr. Antipas Harris is a trailblazer whose scholarship and ministry breaks down barriers: between church and academic; between evangelical and ecumenical; between black and white – he is truly a herald and an exemplar of the Spirit-filled and Spirit-empowered life in the 21st century, just as the outpouring of the Spirit bridged the gaps between male and female, young and old, slave and free, on the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago!”

Amos Yong, Professor of Theology & Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary

“The Kingdom of God has often 'suffered violence' in the form of schisms and isms, divisions and debates between the local church, the community and the academy. Our Lord has anointed Dr. Antipas Harris to be a bridge between these factions of His Kingdom. He is Spirit-filled, academically prepared, and uniquely gifted as a ambassador not only to the world, but to the parts of the Body as an emissary of inspiration, empowerment and effective ministry in the name of our Lord.”

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, DMin, PhD Senior Pastor-Teacher, Faithful Central Bible Church, Trustee - The King's University

“Dr. Antipas has always been a fantastic role model and leader. I grew up in a church back in Connecticut where he played a big role in our youth group. . Antipas has always expressed such great passion and drive in everything he has done. Whenever he gave a sermon at the church, I was always so inspired to do more because he was so passionate about what he was doing and always strived to make a difference. It's encouraging to know that he has accomplished so much because that shows me that with hard work and dedication, you can go anywhere in life."

Alisha, former member of youth group

"Dr. Antipas Harris is a servant leader with a heart for people. My life has been positively touched and wonderfully blessed through his inspirational ministry. I met Antipas during my high school career and have always known him to be an encourager, an undeniable intellect, a source of inspiration, and a well-spring of wisdom. As a dynamic minister and an anointed teacher of the Gospel, Dr. Antipas has selflessly fed many hungry souls and delivered countless eye-opening and heart-stirring sermons that I will not soon forget. His dedication to serving others shines through in his daily walk. Through his published works, as well as through his positive and motivational presence on social media, Dr. Antipas continues to extend love and concern to his fellow man, and is a glaring example of selfless and purpose-driven leadership."

Dr. Carla Glanton

"Dr. Harris has served with great intent as a mentor and scholar for the entire 20 years that I have known him. He has a deep heart for Christ, a genuine call to ministry, a gift for preaching and reaching people, and a scholarly background that would be the envy of any theologian, much less "ground troop" for the cause of or Lord and Savior. When one couples these attributes to his sincerity, humility, and ability to reach any person, regardless of there standing in life, you appreciate him for who he truly is...a child of God that works tirelessly for the Kingdom of God. And he does so without pride or prejudice. His level of preparation and efficacy is unmatched."

Dr. J. Rex Campbell

“Truly inspirational!”

Werner Dyer Chief Executive Empowerment Academy Pretoria, South Africa

“Exceptionally powerful presentations.”

Rev. Debra L. Haggins, MDiv Executive Director, Hampton University Minister’s Conference

"We are blessed to have Dr. Harris on the faculty at Regent University.”

Nivine Zakhari, Student at Regent University

“Thank you so much for helping us to walk in excellence.”

Seminar attendee

“You’ve helped me gain great perspective.”


“PneumaReview.com, an online journal for Pentecostal and charismatic church leaders, is privileged to call Antipas Harris one of our authors.”

Raul Mock, Editor